Seller's Net Sheet

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Sales Price of Property  $   
Mortgage Payoff  $
Second Mortgage Payoff  $  
Lien, Judgment or Third Mortgage Payoff  $
Additional Lien or Judgment Payoff  $  
Closing Cost Concession/Buyer
%  or
Listing Agent Commission
%  or
Selling Agent Commission
%  or
Owner's Title Insurance  $  * Reissue rate may be applicable, * Lower rates may apply
Owner's Extended Coverage  $  
Escrow Fee (Seller Side Only)
Payoff Release Tracking/ Wire/ Courier Fees  $
Recording Fees (POA, Etc.)  $
Prorated Property Taxes
Prior Year Taxes: $
Proration Date:
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HOA Fees (Transfer, Documents, Status Letter, etc.)  $
Estimated Final Water/Sewer Bill  $
Other:  $
Other:  $  
Total Closing Costs  $  
Estimated Net Proceeds to Seller  $  
Seller Name:
Property Address:
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Title premiums quoted are estimates only based on rates from Westcor Land Title Insurance Company owner's policy rates. National 1 Source does have additional underwriters which may be used if their rates are a benefit to the consumer.

DISCLAIMER: Title insurance is based on rates for Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert and Jefferson counties. This calculator is intended as a tool to utilize in determining ESTIMATED net proceeds for a sale. National 1 Source makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of this quote. An escrow officer has not reviewed a purchase contract or title report for the subject transaction to determine all final costs and pro-rations. All estimates obtained through the use of this calculator are dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered. There are additional fees and pro-rations that may apply. There is NO WARRANTY, express or implied.