Everything went smooth with my first closing.  Thank you for the great service!  There will be more business coming your way!
Have a great Day.
Florian S.- Senior Loan Officer   
I am very pleased with the service we receive from you company.  The turn times are great, your fees are low and we appreciate that you go to our customers to close.
Alyssa G.- Lead Processor   
It has been nothing but a great experience working with National 1 Source and I make that known to every title rep who walks through the door.
Jeremy S.- Branch Manager   
I really like the cost estimator. Looks very nice and offers something I can reference in the file for my processors. Definitely will save time on my next refinance. 
Kevin W.  - FHA Manager- National Division    
We have been using National 1 Source on the National Platform and are getting exceptional service from them.  If you have a refi and need fees, all you have to do is send the borrowers summary to them and within minutes you have a correct 2010 pre-HUD. I have not had any issues with scheduling closings or getting a final HUD in timely fashion, or notary not showing up on time.
Kelly M. National Processor   
You guys are such a pleasure to work with.  We appreciate all you do for us :-)
Lesleigh K. - Loan Processor   

Hello Melanie, 

Thanks again to you and your team for another great job with closing the Powell's file in Texas.  I really enjoy working with you and your team. Your service is great!!! Take care and I will be sending you another file soon.
Ty :)
Tyron "Ty" Coleman - Mortgage Consultant Professional    
Thank you for the great service, your team is awesome.
My Best,
Erin Urban - Loan Coordinator   
I have to say this! In all of the time I have been doing loans, this title company that I have been working with is absolutely incredible. I request title in any state and they have the results back in 24 hours, sometimes less. All of the title info is online. You get a login in the beginning and you can access any of your title information immediately. You can e-mail it to anyone directly from the site. Their prices are way below what I have deemed normal and their customer service is awesome. If you e-mail them they e-mail you back in less then 20 minutes. I have never had anyone be so on top of everything. I hope this helps anyone who has title issues. Please contact Melanie Muck- Senior VP at National 1 Source. Her e-mail is mmuck@ntl1source.com. Please tell her Carole sent you.

I know you are looking for a reference regarding National One Source and I wanted to let you know I highly recommend them! Melanie Muck is the main person we work with there and she has always bent over backwards for our company. Their turn times are pretty much immediate and their customer service is always tip top as well. One thing about our company is that we always work late hours and we can send e-mail over there and get a response at 6:30 pm. I don’t mean to overwhelm you with such positive things but we have become huge fans of them! We have tried using other title co’s and they just don’t compa
Kimberly A. Lauderdale   
Thank you for your assistance, Sam got back to me and he was very helpful. Carole Bacon is our processor and we just closed Raley with you and your company did an outstanding job, I was truly impressed. It is nice to find companies that work like we do.
Leah Hudgins   
Denise & I can’t thank you enough for your help and understanding. We probably would have been lost without your intervention. Again thanks for your patience.
Scott & Denise   
You have been fantastic!!! I have been doing this for a long time and I've been a part of almost 1000 originations/closings. This is one of the best title experiences I've ever had.
Brian - National Lending Partners   
Sometimes the question arises as to whom one should choose for a title company if doing a refi out of state. I wanted to let you know that I took a deal on Friday that had to close and did close on Wednesday. I use Joe Salmon's title company National 1 Source. They are simply outstanding!! And they do in state transactions as well!
Trent S. Peaker   
I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved for your work on this loan. I know you had to stay after hours to assist him with his documents. We appreciate the great service!

Thanks again for everything!
Senior Loan Processor